"I found Marc's service to be incredibly useful. He was encouraging on the script's strengths and, more importantly, insightful and revealing on its weaknesses. He's also great value, applying a weight of comedy knowledge and experience to the beginner's script."

James Hodson

"Thanks again for a great day on Saturday. I got a lot out of the day in terms of feedback and next steps for my writing, specifically character development so I really appreciate your feedback. The pitching helped a great deal with learning to articulate an idea too, which can be tricky with an idea you’re so close to. It’s easy to get sidetracked into discussing sitcoms in general, but I think I mostly avoided that and came out of the day with all of my questions answered!"

Mick Walker

"This course achieved what it set out to do, firstly explaining what doesn't work for sitcom, what does work for sitcom, what British broadcasters want from a sitcom, How the channels are looking for content that meets their own specific criteria.

The course allowed me to access my understanding of the form, what I know about sitcom, What I thought I knew to be key, backed up a lot of my own theories about the craft, the business, the realities of the work needed to pull it off successfully.

After a brief break for lunch, the second half gave us an opportunity to explore our own ideas, read our drafts and examine what was wrong with them.

This was my primary reason for attending, to gauge whether I have an aptitude for this kind of thing and If I am on the right track. I came away with the notion that yes I do, but, I need to really work on it, and that's good.

I've been writing jokes for 10 years and this course gave me a lot to think about.

I found the tutor, Marc, to be both pleasant and approachable. Very knowledgeable about his field, current and obscure sitcom as well as classic & historic milestones.

He has a proven track record, having had TV and radio produced from his work. This was incredibly important to me as I knew he knows what he's on about.

This guy has those essential credentials, a stand-up for decades, he learnt from one of the pioneers, Malcolm Hardee who inspired a lot of my favourite comedians and my #1, Stuart Lee.

If you are serious, this course could really help you and I recommend both of Marc's books 'How Not to Write a Sitcom' which is now in a revised edition and 'How to Be a Sitcom Writer' and for jokes the wonderful 'The Serious Guide to Joke Writing: How To Say Something Funny About Anything' by Sally Holloway.

This course gives you the opportunity to:

I Take stock of where you're at
II Know what you need to do to get where you are to where you want to be
II Access a current script, idea or premiss you have now

Vincent White


"I really appreciate the report. We've grappled with quite a few things up to now and you've brought them into the open. We're definitely going to knuckle down and keep working on this. Delighted you think it might have legs. I'm sure you already know (or have been told) this but your writing style is excellent and it really makes the points all the more salient when they're explained in a humorous way. Thank you!"

John Quinn

"The crit was far and away the most welcome item in my in-tray. I value your good opinion very much and as before I'm extremely grateful for your attention to detail and clear practical advice."

Eamonn O Daubhnann

"Marc's one day course gently guides you around the many pitfalls of writing situation comedy. I learned a lot."

Eddie Malone

"Marc's one-day sitcom course is excellent. If you're new to writing he inspires the confidence to go ahead; if you've written before he reminds you that you can still do it, while explaining how to do it better."

Dr. Carolyn Scott-Jeffs

"Fantastic one day course by Marc who is a patient, funny and experienced teacher. He explains the concepts of sitcom well and spends time analysing your own projects rather than churning out pre-written content. Learnt a lot, met great people and went away really motivated to carry on writing! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn and increase your writing confidence."

Mike Fahey

"Marc's script consultation service is invaluable. A must-do before thinking about sending it off to agents or production companies. The feedback is succinct and has further galvanised me to move forwards, at pace, towards my goals. Thank you for your positive encouragement and direction Marc."

David Richardson


"Thanks so much for your report and script notes, which arrived this morning. The level of feedback you've given me on this is superb, and £75 represents excellent value for money. I'm delighted I sent this to you. Thanks again for giving me such detailed, helpful and specific feedback."

Jonathan F

"I'd like to thank you for the detailed report and suggestions you have made, this was the first script I have ever written and so was eager to get a professional critique of its strengths and weaknesses along with some ideas for improvement - you have provided me with all of these in great detail and for this I am extremely grateful. Your consultancy service was definitely money very well spent! Everything else you have said made perfect sense to me once I had read the script over again and I can definitely now see where there is room for improvement."

Ricardo V

"I've just received your notes on my script and I just wanted to say thanks. This is the first longer form narrative that I've written so to get such unbiased, positive and critical feedback is a pleasure. The pointers you've given are bang on the money and at times things I probably already knew deep down but didn't want to admit to myself. I'm already starting to plot another episode as you suggested but this time with confidence and a lot more self belief."

Colin Murphy

"Thanks for the great feedback."

Nick Torrance Jones

"We received the script today, I must have read your feedback 100 times, very accurate very helpful and very honest. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you again i am sure we shall send another draft to you before production at the end of July."

Lee Dilley

"Marc was Brilliant"

Eleanor O Rourke

"We enjoyed the day and found the input really useful, particularly the pitching exercise, which helped us to be more focused in how we want the characters to work."

Cait & Lynne

"Thank you for such useful day on Saturday - I found it all relevant and "pitching" to the "editors" particularly helpful as it made me think about their point of view."

Elizabeth Seeley

"Really useful feedback and it all makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much for the review. I know I paid £75 for it but I didn’t expect such detail. Your comments were really useful in making this potentially more commercially viable. Thanks again for the report. It’s really helped to generate some more momentum and it’s given me the confidence to get this out there!"

Jason Clark

"A Great consultation! Thanks for researching my particular area of interest. Your report was extremely constructive and, best of all, very funny. Thanks for all your work. It was worth the effort of writing a sitcom just to read your report - really made me laugh. Thanks for the top tips - particularly plot and characterization. I've done a couple of writing courses but this was way more helpful/entertaining. I really appreciate all your research too. Great."

Helen Standing

"I'm totally blown away by your report. Can't tell you how chuffed I am that you think there's something in the idea, and I'm staggered by the amount of time, wisdom and detail you put into the notes – I definitely think you're undercharging. As I'm sure you're aware, it's really valuable to have an expert opinion when you get to that sticky point of not really knowing where to go, or whether to persevere, with a script. Thanks again. I really appreciate it - and needless to say I'll be recommending your service to anyone I encounter."

Damon Syson

"Thank you for your report and prompt response. I have taken everything you have suggested and commented on board and found the report extremely useful and worth every penny. This was my first attempt at writing a script and with the help of your feedback I know this will be one of many."

Nichola Chapman

"Thanks for the report, the feedback was really constructive and gave me the confidence I needed to start using my script as a professional calling card."

Ravneet Ahluwalia

"I just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday. Your feedback and advice / guidance was constructive and helpful and will be of great help when revising our scipt."

Chris Alce

"The reports arrived safe and sound. We both agree that the thorough feedback will prove extremely useful! Many thanks for this. The detail you've offered throughout the script and in each report is fantastic for us."

Stephen Leneghan

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for the script report. You have obviously gone to a lot of trouble and I really appreciate it. I am very glad I sent you the script and totally think I got value for money. Yes, this was my first attempt at a script, and so I am definitely a little encouraged by your comments, while realising I have a lot to work on when I go back to the drawing board!"

Mark Crellin

"How Not To Write A Sitcom" is a useful one day course for the beginner sitcom writer. We looked at different types of sitcom and how they are structured and discussed what is currently on television. It was a small group which allowed everyone a chance to speak freely and get to know each other. In the afternoon we 'pitched' our own sitcoms which was a scary experience, and certainly showed me how much I need to work on this. Marc also went through our first ten pages and gave his thoughts and feedback as to how we can improve. I had read Marc's book of the same name prior to attending the course which I thought was helpful in allowing me to gain more from the course and also for me to refer back to afterwards."

Jane McCutcheon

"Thank you so much--your critique has been absolutely, hugely, enormously, incredibly helpful. We really can't thank you enough."

Jessica Benson

"Thanks for the great advice. Lots to try to work on. Excellent feedback."

Cathal McSlaughty


"A whirlwind tour of how to write sitcom. Within minutes I saw all the glaring errors in my script and how to rectify them. Incredibly useful."

Nicola York

"Thoroughly enjoyable! I learnt a lot. Very relaxed atmosphere and friendly banter."

Chia Yeoh

"Very inforamtive. If you want to write sitcom, Marc's course is a great start."

Garry Flinders

"I found the day to be engaging, informative and positive. I've now got a load of ideas for upping my game and feel ready to take on the world (at least the sitcom producing part)."

Nick Lumley

"Thank you very, very much for this. It is the first really insightful critique and one that gives me plenty of food for thought to go forward with. Many thanks"

Heather Hill

"Got your crit this morning. Thank you very much for your wisdom and insight. I found it most enlightening and well worth £75 to discover where my sitcom’s strengths and weaknesses are. Looking over my script now with the ‘new eyes’ that i have discovered due to your crit, I see just where i need to have a re-think and go maybe in a slightly different direction, simplify plot lines and boost characterisation. Thanks again for your time. Much appreciated."

Adrian Eley

"I received your report in the post yesterday, and I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. This is exactly what I was after, and I can now build a proper story/script.

You highlighted some of the worries I had as well, but due to my inexperience I didn't know how to move on from these. Your report has helped a great deal with this.

Once I have re-written the parts that need to be, I would love to get your views again, so I will be in touch.

Take care"

Ian Downey

"Thanks for the kind words regarding my script. You've definitely given me a lot to think about! I would definitely use your service again."

Paul Read

"Marc was very honest and told me exactly what I needed to hear. He left me feeling encouraged but very much aware of what I needed to improve on which is exactly what I was looking for, I would definitely recommend his service to any aspiring sitcom writers."

Nick Tickell

"Marc's advice saved me a great deal of wasted effort by steering me in the right direction. His analyses are based on decades of comedy writing and performing and I found them to be encouraging but forthright. He obviously knows what he is talking about and it is better to be put on the right track before you waste weeks of work."

Barry Snelson

"I just wanted to write and thank you for a very enjoyable, informative and inspiring course last Saturday. It was great to share thoughts and ideas with other aspiring writers and the day definitely motivated me to crack on with my script. Marc's encyclopaedic knowledge of the sitcom genre made for an informative, inspirational and entertaining day. The extremely relevant and objective criticism of our individual scripts was worth the fee on its own."

Pete Teckman

"Thanks for running the course. It was both good fun and enlightening. Most importantly, it's got me motivated again."

Richard Smyth

"I really enjoyed Saturday, and learnt a lot. I found the corrections you suggested for my script very useful and on the train journey home came up with several ideas for improvement."

Geoff Hughes


"Very useful insights into what works and what doesn't for sitcoms."

Pranay Sharma

"A lot of constructive criticism which was much needed."

James Boast

"Genuinely helpful and ha given me things to think about."

Emma Macarthur

"Informative. Marc sheds light on the common pitfalls of sitcom writing."

Greg Jennings

"If you think you have the perfect idea for a sitcom then double check by going on this course first. Invaluable tips, which Marc delivered very well."

David Richardson

"Very informative."

Steve Buckle

"We thoroughly recommend Marc's course. You will cut through a huge number of problems and the things that stop your writing from being successful. If you are serious about writing Sitcom as a profession you will do this course."

Declan Hill/Simon Wright - Everyone's a critic/Sitcom trials.

"It was great to have direct feedback on my work and to be in the environment with other people, trying to learn the art of sitcom."

John Corduff

"Marc knows his stuff. He doesn't just teach funny. He IS funny. Very good script analysis. Extremely valuable to the writer."

Simon Wright

"The plotting and script critique sessions were informative and useful."

Steve Rose

"A good course on sitcom writing, providing all info you need to know when starting out on your first script."

Rachel Leigh Carter

"Robert Johnson"

Learnt a lot and it has encouraged me to pursue my sitcom writing.

"Excellent knowledge of the industry and the genre."

Declan Hill

"Great for the opportunity to share ideas, work on scripts and learn from each other under Marc's guidance."

Doug Davern

"Marc was very helpful in broadening my awareness and in making me realise the more strategic and business aspects of sitcom."

Matthew Ross

"I signed up for the course not knowing much about sitcom writing and with no experience. I felt I learned a huge amount, all of it taught by Marc with patience, humour and friendliness."

Daniel Allen

"For a beginner this course is very insightful. It gave me the encouragement and enthusiasm to continue to improve my scripts."

Mark Knowles

"The course provided a great testing ground for my work in a positive environment"


"Very Informative. Definitely set me out on the right path."

Alan Samuels

"The practical element is invaluable"


"Very good at nailing the overall vision"


"Marc is friendly and approachable, a great communicator."


"Marc provides a friendly and informative day of training which will give me plenty of help in making my scripts better."


"A fun, friendly and informative class. Great to pinpoint existing problems with work. Marc was straightforward and constructive on feedback and advice."

Sophie Sweatman

"Really Constructive, good group dynamic."

Gemma Custance

"Excellent hands on day. Relaxed atmosphere with positive and informative spirit. Clear and concise grass roots advice."

Chris Minett

"A mass of good ideas. I very much enjoyed the day. Extremely useful."

Paul Cater

"Specific feedback on material and group encouragement, which was really good."

Paddy Paterson

"Extremely enjoyable. Marc's knowledge is amazing and he really gets you thinking and improving your writing."

Ian Rayment

"I felt encouraged and inspired."

Kerry Miller

"Really helped clarify my ideas. Ideas on marketing particularly helpful."

Emma Smalley

"Very clear, straight to the point and Marc knows exactly what he is talking about."

Martha Prideaux

"Extremely helpful, offering both general and specific feedback."

Rob Smyth

"Very enjoyable and informative."

Andy Orr

"It opened my eyes as to the sort of vehicle I need for my script. Really enjoyed the day."

John Sizer

"Clear, informative and funny. Spent more time on each person's ideas than I thought. Well worth the money."

David MacDonald

"Really helpful! Surprised with the amount of information we got."

Tom Delling

"Very informative. Lots of information on style content and format."

Tim Abraham

"Useful analysis of our scripts."

Martyn Graham

"Very insightful. Well worth the money."

Dan Grey

"Great intensive blast of ideas and experience. Feel inspired to be creative again. An Inspirational and very productive day that has fired up my creative juices."


"Turned up with an open mind and left with a whole load of ideas and inspiration to write."

Mark Dawson

"Highly recommended. Gives context to the world of sitcom writing and an insight into the industry."

G Lavion

"I had a really fun day yesterday; the course was everything I was hoping for and more! Wrote a pitch for a completely new idea on the train home (based on the principles you taught us) and I'm fired up for writing again, so many thanks for imparting your wisdom."

Simon Bodicott

"Excellent workshop. We studied about the mechanics of writing sitcom, and then spent a lot of time analyzing our own scripts, with individual feedback from the tutor. Marc really knows his stuff and imparts some really useful insider knowledge of how to sell your script. Highly recommended for anyone serious about becoming a sitcom writer"

Phil Carter